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Partner Projects

Soothing Coin (STHC)

Sthcoin is based on Bitcoin, yet has a few critical improvements, for example,

  • It fixed a Bitcoin security loophole. With the loophole, Bitcoin P2SH addresses lose all benefits of multisig and are as weak as normal addresses, which makes it exponentially more likely for coins to be stolen.
  • It is CPU-mining only, guaranteed, thanks to our unique DOWS (Dynamic Operations with Wide Sampling) algorithm. As a result, everyone can mine without having to purchase expensive special equipment first. (Well, GPU/ASIC mining can still be done, just won't be cost-effective.)


Bankcoin Reserve

The Bankcoin Reserve instrument is available for governments, central banks, financial institutions, local banks and individuals to acquire a useful, practical and ethical digital asset.

Bankcoin Reserve is a digital commodity that has the ability to mint up to 10% per annum and is tethered to the ceiling market price of one troy ounce of gold over the previous month​ giving it an immutable value structure upon which to do business.

Bankcoin Reserve is the first digital platform upon which wealth becomes stable and accumulative. Being based in a financial position of stability makes Bankcoin Reserve attractive to those that rely on the market being more predictable and therefore more conducive to forecast and planning.

All investors benefit from guaranteed returns in the form of digital asset/commodity discoveries, which are reliable regardless of initial outlay.

Reliability of investment and measured accumulation of wealth in this ever-changing, ever-progressing modern world is unique. Growth in technology is becoming so rapid that only those with a direct interest in this field are able to fathom the incredible diversity of opportunity for both benefits and challenges in a digital society.



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