FOrte Coin (FOTC) rewards program

earn $100

EUB Finance and Insurance FOTC Rewards Program is LIVE!


1. Every FOTC owners (exept FOTCinside members: Core Team members and BAs) can participate in our rewards program.

2. You are expected to hold min. 250.000 FOTC.

3. FOTC owner must hold FOTC only in Erc20 compilant wallet address which is his/her own wallet address (Exchange address is not required).

4. Every holder is expected to hold 250.000 FOTC for six months to receive $100 in BTC from us.

5. If FOTC holder transfer some of his/her FOTC tokens to other address before the end of six (6) months, then EUB Finance and Insurance will disqualify such holder and we wont make the payment sum of $100 as stated.

6. After the (six) 6 months, rewards will be send to the holder from EUB Finance and Insurance. FOTC holder can decide to hold for another 6 months.

7. 500.000 FOTC will receive $200 every 6 months, 750.000 FOTC will receive $300, etc.

Applying to FOTC rewards program

Send your full name, telegram username (if you have), FOTC/ERC20 wallet address and your BTC wallet address to

After accepting first term of 6 months we will get it started.

forte coin (FOTC) REwards Program

earn $100

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