By accessing or using any of the services provided by eubfinance.com (as affiliate provider of godex.io), by means of access to the platform provided in the electronic address (collectively "Site"), using ("User"), as an individual or legal entity, the user has read, understood, agrees and accepts to the terms and conditions of this agreement (and has the legal capacity to do so) the present clauses and conditions, binding and consummately respecting on this term of use ("Terms of Use").

The intention of "eubfinance.com" is to provide a service that allows the User to exchange cryptocurrency, according to the rules of the Platform. For this, some points should be aligned, according to these Terms of Use.

If you have questions about cryptocurrency, go to eubfinance.com for more information.

There is a risk in the investment in cryptocurrency so it is important that the user performs the exchange of cryptocurrency in a conscious way.

"Eubfinance.com" is not a financial advisor. "eubfinance.com" is not responsible for the performance and suitability of the cryptocurrency, nor does it offer any guarantee of return, liquidity or assets.

If you have any questions, please contact "eubfinance.com" before accepting the "Terms of Use" and the "Privacy Policy".

This term may be changed, at any time, in order to improve the services offered to Users. In the event of a change, these will take effect 15 (fifteen) days after the disclosure of the term on the Site. In case the User does not agree with any changes implemented in these Terms of Use, you must immediately cancel your Registration. If the User does not cancel this, he/she agrees to the new Terms of Use.


The services of the Site are available for access exclusively through Internet access. In order to access the services, Users must be provided with the necessary and appropriate equipment, such as a properly installed and licensed computer with a browser, a modem, as well as provisioning services and internet access infrastructure.

The services of the Site are subject to interruptions, delays and problems inherent to the use of the internet, Blockchain and the validation network of operations of each cryptocurrency.

Eubfinance.com shall not be liable for any such interruptions, delays or problems, or for any defects or limitations of the equipment or navigation program used by Users, or for any lack of access provision services or internet access infrastructure contracted by Users.


The definition of "cryptographic currency" or "crypto currency" does not comply with the currency definitions known by law, or currencies governed by the majority of the Central Banks of the World. Eubfinance.com understands that cryptocurrency are electronic records of values ​​linked to private keys that determine the holder of the rights to use it.

You can see a significant fluctuation in the FIAT currency of the cryptocurrency and "eubfinance.com" is not responsible for informing the official listing of any of the currencies listed, basis of the transactions performed on its platform and in accordance with its practices. "Eubfinance.com" does not undertake to practice certain relationships for the exchange of the cryptocurrency, and oscillations may occur in accordance with its internal policies and practices.

Before exchanging cryptocurrency, find out about their origin, whether any material on them and also any other material that they deem relevant to the cryptocurrency exchange has been made public (white paper).

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset with no liquidity guaranteed by eubfinance.com or its issuer. It is important to know that it is a risky investment and that there is no guarantee of profitability or conversion into currency.


People or companies can register and/or use the platform.

For individuals, access to services is only allowed for those over 18 (eighteen) years and civilly able.

In the event that any damage committed by absolute or relatively incompetent agents, with or without permission of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, is verified, they shall be responsible for all acts committed by minors, in the form of law.

The register of legal entities must necessarily be carried out by a legal representative duly authorized to do so.

There is no need for an effective registration, but all information required by eubfinance.com should be provided. The User undertakes to provide veritable, current and complete information whenever requested and must keep the information updated at all times.

Eubfinance.com is not responsible for the information provided by each User during the operation of the platform, and such information is provided under the sole responsibility of the User. The provision of false information or improper use of third party data in your own name is considered a crime. In any such case, "eubfinance.com" may suspend or permanently cancel the access of the User and/or IP address of the infringer to all services and functionalities of the Site, without prejudice to other measures that are guaranteed by the legislation in force .

Eubfinance.com may, in its sole discretion, request additional documents and information to confirm or maintain the Registration of any User. If eubfinance.com decides to exercise this right in relation to any User. The registration of this User may be suspended or definitively canceled if the User refuses to provide the information or to send the required documents or from the analysis of such information and documents, the User has entered false or incomplete information at the time of their Registration.

Eubfinance.com reserves the right to refuse any application for Registration and to suspend or cancel a previously accepted Register in the (i) breach of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use (ii) inability to verify the identity of the User or finding falsehood in any of the information provided by the User, (iii) practice by the User of fraudulent or malicious acts or the adoption of any behavior that, at eubfinance.com's discretion, is incompatible with the objectives of the Site, with the urbanity, with other Users or that may, in any way, cause harm to third parties or to the Site. If any User's Registration is suspended or canceled for any of the reasons provided in these Terms of Use, all of your Cryptocurrency Purchase Orders or Sales Orders not yet executed will automatically be canceled.

The User expressly authorizes that his/her registration information and electronic access and navigation records on the Site are provided to third parties, upon request of the competent authorities, in their solicitation, and in other cases provided for legislation.


You understand and authorize eubfinance.com to use technical tools known as cookies, or similar, to access information about your User account in order to offer a better and more personalized service.

The user declares to be aware that it is possible to configure your browser to be warned, on the computer screen, about the reception of cookies, and to prevent its installation on the hard disk. Information pertaining to this configuration is available in the browser's own instructions and manuals.

In order to use the Platform, it is not necessary for the User to allow the reception of cookies, without prejudice to the fact that it will be necessary to register for each access in an area that requires prior identification.

Whenever the option that prevents the installation of cookies has not been activated, the User will be able to search the hard disk of his/her computer, according to the instructions of the browser itself, and manually remove any cookies.


The User who wishes to exchange cryptocurrency on the Site may do so in one way:

i) Deposit and Withdrawal.

The User shall transfer to the Platform the cryptocurrency, by sending it to the digital portfolio of the Platform that will be indicated at the moment of the exchange intention indicated by the User. It will be incumbent upon the Platform to indicate which cryptocurrency are received as a form of payment, making it clear that the Platform has no obligation to receive cryptocurrency in addition to those indicated. Upon confirmation of the deposit, the Platform will automatically search, in the markets where it operates, the sale and immediate purchase of the delivery of the cryptocurrency. Finally, the delivery operation will be carried out by sending to the address of the criptocurrency informed by the User himself/herself.

Eubfinance.com does not give liquidity to the purchases made in the Platform, that is, does not undertake to acquire from any User any cryptocurrency, in any case.

In any case, the User will be identified solely by the previously verified E-mail account.

In addition to the cases mentioned in the Terms of Use, the Platform may fail to comply with the Exchange Order if (i) there is not enough balance; (ii) in case of registration impediments of the User; (iii) if deemed necessary for the protection of the Platform; (iv) in the case of unavailability of the Internet or Blockchain; (v) if the custodian of the asset does not make it viable; (vi) if the market for acquisition is not active; or (vii) when valuing the asset in percentage that makes the purchase unfeasible at the price of the User Order.


Once the deposit has been confirmed, it will not be possible to cancel the transaction because the entire exchange process is performed in an automated way and executed immediately after confirmation. Eventually, in cases where the market does not offer buy and sell options among exchanged cryptocurrencies, the Platform will ask the User to provide the address so that the deposited depository is returned, discounting the transfer rates inherent to the network characteristics of each cryptocurrency and its blockchain.

There is no BALANCE or CUSTODY of Cryptocurrency on the platform. There is only, when the deposit is confirmed, the credit in units of deposited Cryptocurrency until the exchange operation is completed and delivered to the User.


Eubfinance.com is not responsible for Forks (bifurcations in the blockchain of criptocurrency, generating a new criptocurrency) nor by Airdrops (criptocurrency bonus awarded for certain issuers, under specific conditions) and cannot guarantee or ensure that the user will have access to the Forks or Airdrops.


The operation on the Platform is free.

The fees are embedded in the exchange transactions and depend on the rates charged by the exchanges responsible for the purchase and sale operations of the cryptocurrency involved in the transaction. "Eubfinance.com" is just an Automation and Acceleration Platform for the viability of the transaction.


By accepting this term of use, the User is aware that modifications to the functionality of the Site, reproductions of its content, creation of products and by-products, commercial or otherwise, are totally prohibited. It is forbidden to use various software and devices in order to interfere with the operation of the site and its services.

Users hereby authorize the sending of marketing email and SMS marketing or any other type of physical or digital correspondence by eubfinance.com, in order to inform the User for any reason, such as general informational announcements, opportunities for purchase, sale or exchange, as well as others.

These Terms of Use do not imply the assignment or transfer to the User of any rights to the Site, or any part of its content or features. Users may use the Site only in the strictest terms permitted in these Terms of Use.

Users are prohibited from modifying or attempting to modify any functionality of the Site, to produce any derivations from the Site or to access any part of the Site for the creation of a competing product or service, or any product or service. that contains ideas, features or functions similar to those of the Site. The use of any device, software or other resource that may interfere with the activities and operations of the Site or that has the purpose of improper access to the information or databases of the Site is also not allowed. Any activity that violates or contravenes intellectual property laws, other applicable rules, or prohibitions set forth in the Terms of Use will subject you to the relevant legal consequences, including compensation for any damage caused.

The Site may display links to other Internet sites, which does not mean that these sites are owned or operated by "eubfinance.com". Eubfinance.com has no control over the content of other sites whose access is facilitated by links inserted in the Site, and, therefore, will not be responsible for the content, practices and services offered on these other sites.

Users acknowledge and agree that "eubfinance.com" is the sole and exclusive owner of all copyrights and intellectual property related to the Site, including its domain name, its programming, files, databases, content, design, features and other characteristics, and that such rights are protected by law. The "eubfinance.com" trade name, the "eubfinance.com" brand, and the products and services associated with that trademark are the sole property of "eubfinance.com" and its unauthorized use is subject to the consequences provided by law./p>


Eubfinance.com is not in any way compatible with the practice of digital crimes, sex crimes, money laundering, extortion, blackmail, among other criminal acts that may have involved the use of money or cryptocurrency. The User accepting the Terms of Use agrees not to use the Cryptocurrency as well as the eubfinance.com Site and Platform for any type of illegal activity. The eubfinance.com shall endeavour to check users' registration, but is not responsible for the origin of the resources carried over into your platform.

It is up to the user to the collection of taxes levied on your operation, in accordance with the regulations in force.


In spite of all eubfinance.com's efforts to keep the services in full operation, the User is aware and agrees that access to the Platform may be temporarily unavailable at any time in the event of : (i) failures in the operation of servers, electricity supply companies and telecommunications service providers; (ii) fortuitous acts, force majeure, acts or omissions of third parties or the User and other acts that are not of the control of eubfinance.com; (iii) resulting from equipment, software or other technologies used by the User that prevent regular access to the Platform; (iv) resulting from failures of individual instances not attributable to the unavailability of eubfinance.com; (vi) resulting from network management practices that may affect the quality of the Platform; or (vii) resulting from the use of plugins or other enhancements that may be made available to enhance the User experience, but are not the responsibility of eubfinance.com. In the case of scheduled interruptions, Eubfinance.com will notify via the support tool made available to its users about the interruption and its probable duration.

The services of the Site are subject to interruptions, delays and problems inherent in the use of the internet. eubfinance.com shall not be liable for any such interruptions, delays or problems, for any defects or limitations of the equipment, navigation program used by the Users, for any defects or limitations of the access provision services or infrastructure contracted by Users.

Eubfinance.com seeks to upgrade from tools that prevent cyber attacks, however, the User must recognize that the digital market is subject to this type of attack. Thus, eubfinance.com is not responsible for damages caused by cyber attacks on the Platform that may result in misappropriation of registered assets in the User account, nor for frauds arising from the misuse of the Platform by the User or third parties, or even in reason of weaknesses or inconsistencies in the operating systems and accesses of the technological base of the User or of third parties.

Eubfinance.com shall not be liable for any virus that may attack User equipment as a result of access, use or browsing the Internet or as a consequence of transferring data, files, images, texts or audio.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the use of software for navigating the Platform, such as browser, plugins and others, is governed by the standards established by the manufacturers of these products. In any event, eubfinance.com will not be liable for any problems or damages that such accessory programs may cause on Users' computers, nor shall it be held liable if the malfunctioning of these accessory programs has an impact on the availability of eubfinance.com services.


In the event of User's failure to comply with any provision of these Terms of Use, eubfinance.com may declare it resolved with respect to such User, regardless of any notice, notification or any other formality, immediately interrupting User access to the Site, without prejudice to any other rights granted to eubfinance.com by law or in the Terms of Use.

Eubfinance.com reserves the right to refuse the new User registration that has violated any of the clauses inserted in the Terms of Use.

Eubfinance.com shall not be liable for any damages whatever it is that may be brought to third parties as a result of improper conduct, offensive by the User, or in any way contrary to the law in force.

Eubfinance.com shall not be liable in any way for any damages arising from interruption of access to the Site, whenever such unavailability occurs because of third parties, which is beyond its control and due diligence, nor for unavailability in the services provided to the User.

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